QuickBeat Human Drummer Drum MachineThe Next Best Thing to Playing with a Real Drummer 

QuickBeat Download for Guitar & BassLooking for a way to play with a drummer anytime you want?

"Excellent jam, can't put my guitar down"

If you play the guitar (or any instrument), there's one thing that all great musicians have in common... and that's groove. Most professionals will agree that the fastest way to be a better player is by playing with a drummer. The QuickBeat Human Drummer is the next best thing to playing with a real drummer... and you can download QuickBeat now.

Made by a musician
Jimmy Jamming on the Drums!Hi, my name is Jim Lee and I'm an artist & musician. I play the bass, drums, guitar & other instruments too. I've used my experience to develop simple and useful products that beginner to pro musicians really seem to like. Here's a sample of me jamming.

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Funk beat sample
Hip hop beat sample
Jazz beat sample
Customer testimonials

Why I made QuickBeat
I was at a bass lesson one day (the only bass lesson I've taken so far... I'm mostly self-taught) and the topic was groove. The advice my teacher gave me was to play with as many drummers as possible. Being in many bands as a drummer, guitarist, bassist & singer... I fully agreed with my teacher's opinion. He then asked me if I owned a drum machine, to which I said yes. His next question was if I knew how to program beats on the drum machine, to which I said yes. These questions and my general experience with drum machines & other musicians I've known made me think:

  • most drum machines are complicated
  • most drum machines are expensive
  • most drum machines sound robotic

I remember thinking fondly of my Alesis SR-16 drum machine. It was a great asset in conjunction with my 4-track recorder, but what if I just wanted to jam, practice, or create grooves? Most drum machines sound robotic too. No wonder why I had friends who had drum machines just gathering dust!

This is why I created QuickBeat... as a great practice/creative/groove tool. It's way cheaper than a normal drum machine, it features real drummers & it's simple to use. It's different. All you need is a computer and you'll be jamming with a drummer.

Turns your computer into a drummer
The QuickBeat Human Drummer V1 is software that works with your Windows or Mac computer. It features a variety of styles at preset tempos.

  • Rock
  • Country
  • Blues
  • Folk
  • Hip Hop
  • Metal
  • Funk
  • Latin
  • Reggae
  • Dance
  • Punk
  • Jazz

Simple. QuickBeat is super easy to use and a great practice tool. Imagine jammin' at 2am. Could you get a drummer friend over at 2 am? Could you get away with having live drums at 2am where you live? With QuickBeat, any time is a good time to groove with drums!

Different. Regular, expensive drum machines are great for programming drum parts for recording, but wonder if you're just a guitarist that wants to jam? With QuickBeat, there's no tempo switch, no exporting or MIDI programming... it's sleek & simple! Regular drum machines sound mechanical and robotic (probably why they're called machines), and unless you're a drummer, it's usually hard to program in funky beats... and there's a high learning curve. The QuickBeat software is as simple as a couple mouse clicks... and best of all, it doesn't sound robotic because the beats played by real drummers.

Practice with a robot & you'll sound robotic. Play with the QuickBeat Human Drummer V1 and groove... acoustic/electric guitar players, bass players, even drummers, all musicians can benefit from jamming with QuickBeat.

Easy-to-use & has real drummers
QuickBeat Human Drummer V1 is the first QuickBeat drum machine software that I created. It features over 100 drum beats at preset tempos. What makes QuickBeat different is that the beats are played by real, human drummers.

People who play better have more fun
Beginner to pro, QuickBeat can help you play better. The ability to groove and jam with different styles will help your creativity & improvisation skills. Good groove will help you get gigs and make you more welcome in bands and jams.

Features & Benefits

  • feature: easy to use
  • benefit: save time, spend more time practicing & jamming
  • feature: cheaper & better
  • benefit: save money, QuickBeat costs way less than a regular $200 drum machine, and it's better because it's simple & features real drummers
  • feature: lasts longer than a lesson
  • benefit: not only does QuickBeat cost less than a music lesson, but it lasts longer too. Don't get me wrong, if you can afford personal one-on-one instruction, it's really valuable
  • feature: real drummers
  • benefit: helps you develop groove that's more real than any guitar effect or even a new guitar. Regular drum machines, even the $300 ones, don't feature actual recordings of drummers playing beats, just drum samples sequenced & programmed. That's why the beats sound so robotic. QuickBeat drum beats have a raw feel, as if you were actually jamming with a drummer in your living room
  • feature: no programming or sequencing
  • benefit: saves you time & frustration, gives you a simple practice/jam tool that you'll actually use. Even if you could program your own beats, could you sequence funky beats? The drummers on QuickBeat cover a variety of styles and are professionals with years of experience.
  • feature: 12 drum beat styles
  • benefit: from rock to dance, playing along with many styles only makes you a better player. This ability is sought after by studio musicians and welcomed by bands & jams. Also, the different beat styles can help inspire your creative song writing abilities by giving you different perspectives. Try playing you favorite riff to a jazz beat... then play the same riff over a hard metal beat. See if this helps your improvisation & groovin' ability
  • feature: preset tempos (tempos can not be adjusted)
  • benefit: play along to slow & fast beats. Practice your musical timing at different preset speeds. Who cares if your band only plays fast songs? You can jam slow grooves with QuickBeat too.
  • feature: anytime jam
  • benefit: anytime, with QuickBeat (and your computer) you can jam... even at 2 am! It's not easy to call a drummer over... and it takes time to set-up the darn drums. By yourself, or with singers & other musicians, it's quick & simple to have a beat to play to, with QuickBeat
  • feature: helps you develop groove
  • benefit: groove is better than any effect or even a new instrument. Groove is real. It's probably why (whether you know it or not) you started playing in the first place. Groove is something you can not put a price on! It's something you develop through experience, exposure, practice & playing... QuickBeat will give you the opportunity to jam, the rest is up to you. Groove will make you a sought-after player. Groove can foster your music appreciation & self-confidence. Developing your groove can bring you personal satisfaction & insight to your experience as a musician.


Designed for guitarists and bass players, QuickBeat turns your computer into a drummer. It features over 100 beats in 12 different styles played by professional drummers. The download is available 24-hours-a-day and works with Windows & Mac computers. QuickBeat was created by the artist and musician Jim Lee.



"It was an excellent investment"

"Superb product! Easy to use!"

"Love my drum machine, it's just what I wanted"

"Jim. You are the man! I will finally teach my girlfriend how to play with this!"

"Awesome. Just start jamming."

"Download QuickBeat on your computer, play drums. That simple. Great. A+++++"

"Quick Download, awesome jam tool! Thanks!"

How can QuickBeat help you?

I've seen many musicians, including myself, looking for the ultimate amp, pedal-effect, axe, etc. when they should've just been jamming or practicing. Think about it, Hendrix would probably rock-out even if he had a junky guitar... it's not the instrument or guitar effect, it's the player!

Great for creating grooves & ideas. I've had customers who've used QuickBeat to help create & inspire their own songs. Whether you're a guitarist in a band, or a single bass player, you can use QuickBeat to practice to or as creative inspiration. There are over a hundred beats in many different categories, so a beat style may influence you in a way you never dreamed of.

A music workout? Yes, I sometimes use QuickBeat for a musical work-out! What do I mean by music workout? Well, it's kind of like aerobics for musicians. For instance, I'll come-up with a guitar/bass line. I'll then play this line and try to make it groove with all of the different beats on the QuickBeat Human Drummer V1. Since there are a variety of styles such as reggae, funk, etc. you can imagine just how challenging it can be to make same guitar/bass line groove with jazz and then metal. Practicing this way really is a workout. It broadens your musical horizon & creativity... it's fun too.

Jam anytime. Sometimes you just want to jam. You may be by yourself. You may be with friends & no drummer. No matter what time inspiration strikes you, if you have a computer & QuickBeat, you can have a beat to groove to. Use headphones if you want to be really quiet. Hook your computer up to your stereo for really loud jamming! QuickBeat is software, so it's like having a bunch of drummers in your computer. Jamming a lot will definitely help improve your improvisation skills.

In a Band? Whether you're in a band or not, playing along with drums will improve your playing. Period.

Download QuickBeat today and jam!
100% money back satisfaction guarantee.
Works with Windows & Mac computers.

"Impressive product from a music genius power seller. Highly recommended A+"

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