Simple & Easy to Use Drum Machine - Quickbeat Download Review

"The Quickbeat drum machine software download is truly one of the simplest & east to use drum machine software around... just click and play"

The Story of Late Night Jamming

It was late at night, and I was looking for a free drum machine download to jam my guitar to. I wanted something that was simple & easy to use. I've tried many drum machines, software, downloads, etc.... they're all the same! Too complicated, costly or funny sounding. Where's an easy drum machine that sounds good?

I came across the Quickbeat drum machine demo doing a Google search. I'm very happy that I came across this sweet little software. There's a lot of beats and styles to play with, but what makes this drum machine different is that the beats were performed by real drummers and, most importantly - IT'S ACTUALLY EASY TO USE. Two clicks and I jamming all night long!

I'm very glad that I found this software. I really don't think that there's an easier to use drum machine out there... I dare you to find one. If you're like me, simple is important. Here's my tip to you: check-out the free Quickbeat drum machine demo... it has enough beats to get an idea of how easy it is. If you like it, you can always buy the QuickBeat full version. It has helped me play better and it's a ton of fun too. How can QuickBeat help you?

Drummer Wanted?